Top Five Reasons for Weeping Tile Installation

Weeping Tile Installation

You do much to protect your house’s interior and its contents. You install a roof above everything to keep out the rain.  You install weatherproof windows and doors and ensure they are caulked and sealed appropriately.  You have humidifiers in winter, dehumidifiers in summer, all to protect your stuff from deterioration from moisture.  The exterior foundation of your home should be no different. Water damage comes in many forms, such as those obvious ones listed above.  Under the ground, however, where it’s “out of sight, out of mind”, is where some of the most serious issues could be occurring without you even being aware..  A weeping tile installation, by a reputable installer, can successfully guard against unwanted water accumulation along your foundation. It’s a system of piping fashioned with “weeping holes” that divert water away from the foundation.  Let’s summarize some of the best reasons why a weeping tile installation may be right and necessary for your dwelling, its contents, and your peace of mind.

Reason #`1 – your basement’s contents may be unguarded

Your house foundation is likely under an ongoing battle with the elements, as much as the rest of it is above ground.  Water by its nature tends to flow in one general direction: Down.  Down into the ground. In those areas where it has no place else to go, it will linger against your house foundation, exerting pressure on it, especially, for example, during heavy rain events or spring melt. Ultimately, that accumulated water may breach the foundation and enter your basement, which is when the panic sets in.  Ruined carpet, furniture, boxes, electronics – all of these are the potential result of a basement flood.  

Reason #2 – Humidity, moisture, and mildew

The presence of invisible moisture in your basement from the constant presence of underground water can be detrimental in several ways. Just about everyone has experienced that “damp smell” in a basement. That could be an alarm bell that exterior moisture issues exist which are pushing their way past your foundation, and whatever waterproofing may exist, and getting into your home. Alongside the distinctive smell, you may notice discolouration on walls, on carpets or on boxes and other stored items. It’s likely that the issue is not an interior one, but rather, from the outside.  A weeping tile installation can control and divert the water accumulation and thus prevent the interior odours and stains on your belongings.

Reason #3 – Air Quality

You shouldn’t let your building lot or ground conditions dictate the air quality in your basement or the rest of your house.  Controlling the amount of moisture accumulating around your foundation will also help control what the air on the inside is like.  It should be free from odour and you should be determining how humid it should be, not allowing eternal forces to be in charge.  A functioning weeping tile system puts you in charge, by diverting the water away.

Reason #4 – Foundation damage

Prolonged exposure to moisture, also known as hydrostatic pressure, is never a good idea for your house foundation.  Not only does water have a pesky way of finding its way inside, it also deteriorates your building foundation. Whether cinder block, poured in place or precast concrete, it can all suffer from too much water standing against it.  Another excellent reason to have that possibility minimized, through the proper installation of a weeping tile system.

Reason #5 – Peace of mind

It’s the same reason why you have a roof over your head – to protect you from the elements. It’s the same reason why we caulk around window frames, and add weatherstripping to doors. We all want the most comfortable interior possible.  If you’ve ever experienced a roof leak, you’re familiar with the anxiety of that sound of dripping water. Even after a repair, you’re never quite sure the problem has gone away completely.  It’s the same thing with your home’s foundation.  Underground though it may be, it is outside and subjected to similar forces that produce something such as a roof leak. The thing is, being where it is, it’s hardly ever top-of-mind. Plus, water entry into a foundation can be a subtle and gradual thing, perhaps exacerbated by time: your  home’s natural aging process, which includes building settling, and the development of foundation cracks.  That’s what makes the installation of a weeping tile system a good idea. It’ll give you the peace of mind that your building foundation is as protected as it can be.


Whether or not your house is situated in an area known for basement leakage problems, it may be a good idea to seek out advice from a qualified contractor on the need of a weeping tile system.  They will be able to tell you what exists underground already. Further, they can advise on the need for repair, upgrading or installing a new system altogether.  One way or the other, it can be a lot of work and considerable expense. Whatever you do, you definitely want to get a weeping tile installation right the first time, for the sake of your home, its contents, and for your peace of mind.



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