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Watch CS GO live and recorded videos on the verified portal: the best teams of 2021

In 2021, LAN tournaments have finally returned to esports, and this was a significant event for many professional gamers. However, watch CS GO live broadcasts continue to collect a lot of views, despite the opportunity to visit arenas of different tournaments. Perhaps it was the transition from online to LAN that allowed NAVI to become the champions of the Major in Stockholm for the first time. “Electronic,” “Perfecto” and “s1mple” noted that they really lacked the emotions of offline tournaments and this was noticeable in their performances in 2021. 

NAVI have won four major CS:GO championships on LAN, and in the future they should definitely be watched live. The team is considered one of the best in the world, but the competitors are also on the alert and are constantly improving their lineups.

Despite the desire to play only offline, NAVI had a great 2021 in online tournaments as well. They got as many as 6 victories out of 11 possible ones, and thanks to this indicator, Natus Vincere took first place in the ranking of the best teams, having won 1000 points. Next on the HLTV list are:

  • Gambit — the promising team’s lineup left a good impression in 2021 as they won 511 rating points;
  • Team Vitality — “ZywOo” played no worse than “s1mple”, but his team didn’t get any serious victories in 2021;
  • G2 — similar to the previous team, “NiKo” played great, but failed to beat NAVI in major tournaments.

While Gambit were happy with the lineup, Team Vitality and G2 started looking for reinforcements back in 2021. This is a common practice, because everyone wants to surpass or at least repeat the achievement of NAVI. In 2021, the team won almost everything, which accordingly made the competitors angry.

Most popular Dota 2 tournaments in 2021- Watch CS GO

Dota 2 is widely popular among fans. Therefore, many championships of various levels are held during the year. However, the best Dota 2 tournaments of 2021 were:

  • The International X;
  • ESL One Summer;
  • WePlay AniMajor;
  • Singapore Major.

Traditionally, The International is the most interesting one. The tenth season of the Dota 2 tournament was also the highest-grossing one, as the total prize pool was almost $41 million, and the winners received $18 million. If you add up all other cash rewards for each championship in 2021, you won’t get even half of The International prize alone. It’s a great incentive for all gamers, because such prize money cannot always be found even in real sports.

Dota 2 is constantly evolving in all respects. That is why the interest in it has not faded for more than 10 years. It is unlikely that it will lost its popularity in the future, especially given the large prize pool available at the best tournaments.

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