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Why Team Management Is Crucial to Your Business While Using a Door Knocking App

Managing a sales team is a tedious process, especially when dealing with a large number. With a door-knocking app, you move from manual to automated systems. This makes team management easy, the lead management process fast, and also reduces time wastage, leading to increased sales performance. Below we explore why team management is crucial to your business while using a door-knocking app.

The Importance of Using a Door Knocking App for Team Management 

A door knocking app has many benefits – let’s check out and learn more of a few facts about this popular technique. 

It helps accelerate the teams:  This can be done through tracking and follow-ups since teams are always on the go. It also helps identify the hard-working and sluggish ones since it’s easy to see their activities through the app.

Optimized sales process: You no longer have to rely on the old-school selling process. A door-knocking app gives all the information regarding a certain rep and customers. This includes the number of meetings, locations, closed sales, and what’s pending. You can also easily analyze data based on the information they input on the app.

Team management: Managing a large group of sales reps is tedious and time-consuming. With a door-knocking app, you can easily manage and track your team, customers, and different territories. The leader board feature makes team tracking easy and also provides up-to-date performance data.

Presentation and training: The apps enable you to upload necessary material, including videos, presentations and PDFs. This helps standardize the sales process across teams. You can use the documents to create more engaging proposals, presentations and also use the uploaded information to train your teams.

Contracts and forms: Door knocking apps enable you to create digital customized documents. Clients sign the forms digitally, enabling you and your team to close deals quickly.

How Sales Rabbit, Door-Knocking App Can Help

Lead Management

The app helps sales reps prospect, qualify leads, and close deals. They can also pitch, onboard clients, close deals, and do follow-ups while on the go. The app also helps track walk-ins, monitor the responses, do follow-ups, among many other functionalities. They can also track performance and identify key performance metrics. The app enables your team members to plan with cutting-edge technology, putting an end to manuals and diaries.

Easy Tasks Allocation

The door-knocking app helps your team track their daily tasks and meetings. They can follow up on the same, update the status of each meeting,  evaluate and decide the way forward. This also helps them answer any questions from the management at the touch of a button rather than going through pages on the diary or notebook.

Automated Planning

The door-knocking app helps your team automatically plan the day. The app helps plan the day by showing the best route to take to save on both time and resources. This is easily done through a free route planner for sales visits. They can also schedule appointments and put reminders 

Sales Rabbit aids Geo tracking

Sales Rabbit can track the rep’s daily activities. The app lets you know their location, the different stops made, canceled meetings, and anything else regarding their movement. This also helps reduce fraudulent activities where reps claim to have gone to a specific place when they didn’t 

Visibility and Troubleshooting

From the app, you can tell what is going on in the field. You can tell the number of meetings that a rep had, what was completed and what’s pending, and other reports available on the app. With such data, you can easily tell when there are problems and adjust accordingly.

Business Search

The Sales Rabbit app has a data grid business search that provides crucial information for businesses in your area for those in B2B. The information includes address, phone number, email address, websites, and other crucial information.  The routing feature helps find the best route to different locations, and users can use keywords on the app to narrow down to the specific result.

A door-knocking app such as Sales Rabbit makes your team management easy. Always ensure the app has key features that free your time so you can engage in other important activities.

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