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There is no need to go to Saudi Arabia in order to spend your time walking and checking all the offices and places that offer you vacancies. Many people have long been using web services that have complete information about working abroad and today we will tell you about the site This site has long been a leader among such services and our clients who have used it can boast of amazing results of work abroad. Especially Saudi Arabia jobs for foreigners are the most demanded and common there, we present you the companies and offices ready to hire you. Below each vacancy there is such information that can be interesting and important for you, concerning schedule, type of work, wages, employee, location of work, whether employer is ready to pay your bills or tickets. He can also provide you with accommodation and transportation, because companies work in Saudi Arabia take their employees seriously. Why is this site the best? I can also say its design, it is pretty conveniently organized, no unnecessary words or tabs, everything is only the most necessary and important.


The second web-source offering job vacancies for you is The name speaks for itself, here you will be helped to build your career in the easiest and most resourceful way for you, no deception or empty words. As with other labels, you are given the opportunity to register here, leave a resume and view all vacancies in a detailed way. The advantage of this site is that you do not need any fees, prepayments here. It has international jobs as well as jobs in your native country. It is also a huge plus that here you can also find people who are eager for workers who will work remotely and wages do not depend on the type of your work, all is honestly and thought out. Glassdoor is another source filled with vacancies from Saudi Arabia and every corner of the planet. Here are separate pages with job offers and also various companies and salaries.

3. Glassdoor.

The third website in looking for jobs and professions is Glassdoor. If you want to use this source, follow this algorithm in searching it.

What to do if you want to get the best vacancy?

  1. Create an online resume

There will not be millions of messages from employers on the first day. But if you fill out your resume correctly, there is a chance to be noticed by exactly the employer who needs you.

  1. Indicate your desired salary. Focus on the market average wages in your industry, adjusted for your experience.
  2. Choose vacancies carefully

Don’t submit your resume mechanically. If you are a nanny and look forward to a residential job, you don’t need part-time jobs. If a standardized working day and free weekends are important to you, you should not respond to positions about which the employer writes: “You need a willingness to work outside of hours.”

To sort offers, we use:

          filters (such as “work schedule”, “type of employment”, “desired salary” and others);

          job descriptions.

  1. Use a subscription

All self-respecting job sites have this function – a subscription to vacancies of a certain specialization. Don’t ignore it. Check about 4-5 letters (for 4-5 subscriptions, respectively) once a week. But you save yourself from having to go to the site every time and start your search from scratch.

  1. Look at your resume view statistics

In general, the sites themselves inform the applicants about this. Just open emails with messages about views – it’s interesting how the process goes. You posted your resume a week ago, the demand for your profession is average or higher, and there are no views? Make sure that the document is reflected in principle, re-read it again: there are no errors, is there enough specificity.

Following all our advice, you will definitely get the desired profession to work in Saudi Arabia, also, each resource described above has every reason to be considered the most effective.

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