What is a Dedicated Offshore Development Center & Set it up Right?

Offshore Development Center
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What functions do offshore centers provide? Currently, offshore software developers already occupy a significant share of the IT market. This means that more and more executives and business owners are realizing the convenience of this collaboration model. By leveraging the experience and knowledge of third-party developers, you can implement your business ideas. At the same time, time costs, development budget and risks will be lower than when creating our own team, since we already have experienced employees, patented project management processes, equipment, software and technologies necessary for the effective implementation of all stages of the project.

Team selection:

  • The size of the team depends on the required workload: from 3 to 100 people or more.
  • The team is selected in such a way that the skills, knowledge and experience of the team members meet the requirements of the client’s current project. All candidates are approved by the client and cannot be replaced by other employees without the client’s approval.
  • The client, if deemed necessary, can determine internal policies in the field of software development, information security, and protection of intellectual property rights.

If you want to know more about the legal and practical aspects of work, write to the specialists at diceus.com.

Development centers

Engineering centers and account managers of the company are scattered all over the world, so we work together with clients to establish the optimal scheme of our interaction, based on the comfortable level of communication and scenarios of a particular project.

Our global capabilities enable us to create the best combination of local and offshore resources for our clients to ensure stable, high quality development.

Delivery models

Offshore / Nearshore

Within this model, all project activities are performed on the basis of the company’s offshore / nearshore resources, from requirements preparation, solution architecture, analysis and design to coding, testing, bug fixing, implementation and support. The offshore model is most beneficial in cases where the critical factor of the project is its cost, and at the same time, rapid deployment of the solution is required.

In this case, project management and communication functions are assigned to the project manager or delivery director who oversees project execution based on proven and well-defined templates and metrics. In some cases, we recommend the presence of key representatives of the offshore team at the client’s site for a limited period of time in order to ensure their involvement in the project, exchange knowledge and establish the necessary level of trust between the company and the client.

Shipping Onsite

The contractor creates a team of highly qualified employees on the client’s territory, which allows combining in the best way the internal team of the client and the offshore resources of the company to work on the project.

Hybrid delivery model

In this model, onsite and offshore development scenarios are combined for maximum efficiency. The following roles are most successfully implemented on the client side:

  • Program / project managers;
  • Architects;
  • Business Analysts;
  • Technical Leaders;
  • QA chapters;
  • Key developers.

The client-side team interacts directly with the client’s internal team to develop requirements, study, design and develop them, and at the same time manages the offshore part of the team, which ensures a 24/7 development process.

This model allows you to scale the project if necessary, and also contributes to the achievement of personal contact and the establishment of trust, allows you to overcome the difference in time zones, as well as implement a more operational feedback mechanism on both basic and secondary issues.

Training models

Project work

As part of this model, we conclude a contract for the implementation of specific work on the creation of applications based on the customer’s requirements. As a full-service service provider, we support clients at all stages of the project, including technology selection, prototyping, development, testing, implementation and support.

Dedicated Team, or Dedicated Offshore Development Center

This model is designed for clients whose strategic goal is to empower their own development department with the resources of an external partner. The team of such a dedicated center is fully integrated with the internal team of the customer, which is optimal for repetitive development processes, for example, with software vendors. This is a strategic choice for outsourcing.


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