What to Look for When Choosing the Right Security Window Screens

Security screens are designed to be tamper resistant and keep burglars out. They are also more durable and aesthetically pleasing than standard bug screens.

Look for tightly woven stainless-steel mesh that is size-304 structural grade. This will provide unobscured views and resistance to corrosion. Southern California’s sea air can corrode building materials quickly.


Security screens offer a convenient solution for balancing the safety needs of your home by allowing air into it. They help to keep out pests and bugs, and even sand and debris that could be blown into the house on a windy day. They can also be manipulated to increase or decrease privacy levels in the home.

When choosing the right security screen, consider its material. The best choice would be stainless steel mesh, with durable frames that are resistant to corrosion. Other materials that can be used include aluminum and bronze. These are strong and durable and will stand up to any attempt at breaching the screen.

Other factors that need to be considered are the size of the screen and its thickness. Thicker screens are more difficult to manipulate, and they will provide better protection. They will also be able to resist any physical contact with sharp objects that criminals may use to break into the house.

It is also important to choose a screen that is suitable for your climate. For example, a metal screen will not be appropriate if you live in an area prone to typhoons and hurricanes. This is because the weather in these areas can be very harsh on the screens and can cause them to rust or become damaged quickly.

Finally, consider the design of the screen. A good supplier will have screens that are specifically tailored to the size and style of your windows and doors. This will ensure that the screen is a perfect fit and does not detract from the aesthetic of your home. Choosing a decorative style that complements your existing house is also a good idea.

A quality security screen should have a premium finish that will look appealing and enhance the appearance of your home. It should be easy to clean and come with locks that are difficult to break into. They should also be made of a material that is resistant to damage and corrosion and tamper-resistant fasteners.


Many homeowners want to open their windows and doors to let fresh air in but worry that intruders might take advantage of the opportunity. Security window screens can help to address these concerns. These screens are designed to be tamper resistant and keep intruders out while keeping insects out of the home. In addition, they are available in a variety of styles and colors that complement the look of any home. In this way, they can boost the aesthetic appeal of a property and contribute to its value.

In addition to being tamper-resistant, the frames of security screens are made from heavy-duty metals such as aluminum and steel. They are sturdier than the frames of regular screen windows and are often coated with a powder-coated finish to hide their appearance. This makes them more appealing to the eye and more difficult to penetrate than traditional window screens. In addition, they can be adjusted to reduce or increase their transparency to suit individual preferences and privacy levels.

The stainless-steel mesh used in security screens is also resistant to corrosion, making it a good choice for homes in SoCal. In addition to keeping insects out, it is effective in blocking UV rays that can cause furniture and floors to fade over time. Finally, it can help to reduce the need for HVAC use, thereby cutting utility bills.

Security screens are a great option for those looking to add extra protection to their homes without spending too much money. In addition to being tamper-resistant, they can be easily installed and are a great way to enhance the look of any home. They are also a good option for those looking to sell their homes in the near future, as they can boost the property’s aesthetic appeal and increase its value.

The benefits of security screens are numerous and can be worth the investment for any homeowner. They are an affordable and convenient way to add more security to a home, and they are ideal for people who live in busy areas or have children. They also make it easy to let in fresh air without worrying about insects or burglars.

Locks and Handles

There are many window screen mesh options, and deciding which is best for you will depend on your home security needs. You may also need to consider the specifics of your neighborhood, for example, if you live in an area that experiences more break-ins than others. The type of screen you need will also be influenced by the number of people in your household and if you have pets at home.

In order to determine the quality of a security screen, you need to look at the frame and locks that come with it. A good quality screen will feature an aluminum or steel frame, and it will have strong locking systems that are tamper resistant. It will also be difficult to bend or flex the screen due to its heavy and durable construction.

The lock system on a security screen should also be secure, and it should have key-operated latches and locks that are difficult to open from the outside. It should also be made from a tough material that can resist a lot of pressure, such as a stainless steel or aluminum alloy. This type of material will also be able to withstand Southern California’s harsh climate, as it is resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for the frames of security screens, as it can be used to keep out bugs and pests while providing clear visibility through the windows and doors. It is also resistant to rust, which is important for homeowners worried about the impact weather conditions can have on their homes.

Security screens are often subjected to various tests in order to ensure that they can effectively bar entry from the outside. Some of these tests include the Jemmy test, which is designed to imitate an intruder trying to use a screwdriver or other tool to force a gap through the security screen, and the pull test, which is designed to simulate someone pulling on the screen to see whether it will give way.

When choosing a security screen, it is important to look for one that is not only durable and hardwearing but also adds to the aesthetic of your home. You don’t want to choose a bulky or unattractive screen, especially if you live in beautiful SoCal. Luckily, security screens are available in an array of different styles and colors that can enhance the aesthetics of your property while still providing the benefits of ventilation and clear visibility.


Security windows are a vital component of home security. They let the cool breeze in while protecting your family from critters and unwanted visitors. However, burglars are known to use windows as entry points to the home, which is why it’s important to have them secured properly. Security screens are a step above other window protection options like 3M safety film or LEXAN polycarbonate resin. They can be installed over your existing windows and will give you a whole new level of protection from intruders.

Security window screens come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your home. They’re also a more affordable option than replacing the entire window with bullet-resistant glass or polycarbonate resin. If you’re considering installing security screens, you should hire a professional to ensure they’re installed correctly. They should be firmly fixed to the window frame and meet various standards, including Australian industry and national specifications.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the color of your security screen doors matches the door and window frames or at least complements them. This will help them blend in and look more attractive. You can use a tool such as CommandeX’s fun interactive color visualizer to see what your security screens will look like in different colors before you purchase them.

You should also make sure that the security window screens you buy allow for clear visibility. Southern California’s gorgeous weather means you want to be able to enjoy the scenery from your home and not have to block it out with bulky and unsightly security screens. Security screens can be designed to be as transparent as regular bug screens while still being impervious to intruders who may try to kick or pry them open.

You can also choose to add a keyed locking system to your security window screens, enabling you to open them from the inside in case of an emergency. This will provide you with a safe escape route for yourself and your family, especially if you have young children or elderly people living in the house.


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