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5 Reasons Why Experts Are Anticipating a Difficult Flu Season

Flu season is just around the corner. During the 20-21 flu season, the problem was nearly eradicated. However, experts don’t predict that same luck going into 2022. In fact, they believe the season will be more difficult than usual. You may see an increase in flu-like symptoms and find more need to read Wellements cough syrup reviews this winter, and this is why. This blog will tell you about 5 reasons why experts are anticipating a difficult Flu season.

  1. People Aren’t Staying Home

During the 20-21 flu season, stay-at-home mandates were still common. Children weren’t going to school, more people worked from home, and many bars and restaurants were still closed for dine-in service. This year, school is in full swing, companies are requiring people to return to work, and more people are dining out. This means it’s more likely that you or your kids will bring home an influenza virus.

  1. There Is Not As Much Natural Immunity

Since the flu virus didn’t circulate as normal during the 20-21 season, it means fewer people have built up natural immunity. More strains of the virus will be common in the coming months, and more people will get it since they didn’t have much exposure to influenza over the last two years. This means it will be easier for kids to bring the virus home to infant siblings who do not yet have a strong immune system. If you have a baby at home, it is a good idea to use a product such as Wellements organic vitamin D for babies to help them fend off viruses.

  1. People May Not Get the Flu Shot

Vaccines have long been a hot topic in political, parenting, and medical circles, respectively, and that topic has only ramped up since the COVID-19 vaccines became available. With about 30% of Americans choosing now to get the COVID shot at this time, some experts believe these same people will also avoid the flu vaccine. This means it will be easier to carry flu viruses and expose others to them.

  1. Creating This Year’s Flu Shot Was More Difficult

Every year, members of the World Health Organization meet to determine which strains of the influenza virus should be used to help create the following season’s vaccine. They base their information on which strains caused the most illness in the previous season. Predicting which strains to include for the 20-22 virus was more difficult than usual since fewer people got the flu during the 20-21 season. The result is that the current year’s vaccine may not be as effective as it has been in the past.

  1. People Are Vaccinated Against COVID

In a strange turn of events, some experts believe the flu may be worse because people are vaccinated against COVID-19. Many vaccinated people are letting their guards down, spending more time in public without masks, or having more gatherings with friends and family. This will make it easier for the flu to be passed around this season.

It is more important than ever to prepare for the difficult flu season. This year, get the flu shot if you can, avoid people who are sick, and wear a mask when you are in public. You can also help to protect the new additions to your family by investing in organic vitamin D drops for newborns, which may help their immune systems.


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