What to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Company

Hiring Commercial Roofing Company

No business owner likes to spend more money than they have to on their building to ensure smooth operations and a profitable business. Of course, business owners never compromise on the safety of their employees and their facilities when they think of projects that could improve their commercial properties. Unfortunately, the roof is one of the projects that are often ignored by business owners until there is a dire need to take action. In this blog, you will get to know what to look for when hiring a commercial roofing company.

Commercial and industrial roofing projects are more complex than residential roofs. If your building’s roof is developing problems, you have to take action to fix the issues before it becomes a costly thorn in your company’s side. It is only natural to hire a commercial roofing company to handle your company’s roofing needs.

Unfortunately, not all commercial roofing companies are the same. Calling the first company you find on Google to handle repairs is not the best way to find a trustworthy company. You need to dig deeper and do your due diligence before you consider putting pen on paper for your commercial roofing needs.

This post will serve as a guide to help you make a more well-informed decision about hiring the right contractor by giving you some helpful tips when hiring a commercial roofing company.

What to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Roofing Company

We will discuss some of the most important things that you should look for when hiring a commercial roofing company. Use these tips when you are considering your options for commercial roofing contractors to make the best possible decision to meet your requirements.

1. Verify their license of registration

The first thing you should do when you are considering working with a commercial roofing company is to conduct your due diligence and find out whether they have the proper licensing for their firm. Ask them to show you their license of registration for your peace of mind. If they can provide it to you right away, it is a good sign. Any evasive tactics or reluctance to show you their license of registration is a major red flag.

2. Does the company have adequate insurance coverage?

Roofing projects of any kind are dangerous. That is the reason why contractors have to go through extensive training before they can be hired by companies to do their job. Even with all the specialized training and certification, there is a significant risk involved. You should ask the commercial roofing company to show you whether they have adequate liability insurance. You do not want to be liable in case of any accidents that might occur on the site.

If the company does not have comprehensive insurance coverage for the company itself and the workers, you should not work with the contractor. You could find yourself paying heavy penalties in case there are any accidents that result in property damages or injuries.

3. Request their customer list and references

The best way to find out whether you should work with a commercial roofing contractor is by asking about them from people who have already hired them for roofing projects in the past. Someone who has worked with the company can give you an impartial and fair perspective on the experience of working with the contractor.

Request a list of references of past customers when you contact the contractor to get a better idea of what you can expect if you work with them. A company with a proven track record and customer satisfaction will never hesitate to provide you the necessary information.

4. Ask them whether they have the right experience

Working with experienced contractors for your commercial roofing project is necessary. However, it is also important that the contractor has the right kind of experience. For instance, if you need to hire a contractor to work on an industrial facility’s roof, you cannot get the same results from professionals who are experienced in working only on residential roofing projects.

Even if the company has worked on industrial projects similar to yours, it is important that they have experience of working in your area. The climatic conditions in different parts of the country mean that the requirements for the construction will be different. Each climate brings its own set of challenges and you need to ensure that the contractor you are working with has enough experience of working on similar projects in the local market to guarantee successful results.

5. Do they provide a warranty for their services?

Hiring commercial roofing company is a major decision. Depending on the type of commercial roofing project, it could be a massive investment. As with any substantial financial undertaking, you need to know that your investment in their services for your roof comes with a warranty. If the company can give you a guarantee that they will cover expenses for any additional work in case something goes wrong, you can consider working with them.

You should go over the warranty documents they give you and study them in detail to fully understand what they will or will not cover. Involve a legal professional who can fully comprehend the language they use in their terms and conditions before you think about moving forward in the process of working with them.

6. Will the company perform an on-site inspection?

Be wary of a commercial roofing company that is ready to accept the project without even looking at the project site. The best commercial roofing contractors will offer you an on-site inspection after discussing your project so they can determine the scope of the project. A lot of factors of the project site can affect the amount of work that should go into your commercial roofing project.

If the contractor is not willing to take a closer look and conduct a thorough inspection of the project site before moving forward in the process, it might be better to consider working with another company.

Are You Looking For A Commercial Roofing Company?

Installing a new roof for your property is a massive investment that you might need to make. It adds the benefit of proper protection for your property against the weather and it ensures smooth operations for your business for years to come. Choosing the right firm to work with for your roofing needs can make a world of difference in getting you the most out of your investment. Not all contractors can provide you with a dependable service to meet your roofing needs.

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