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7 Best Android Privacy Apps to Protect Your Privacy in 2019 (No Root)

You probably have heard the words ‘Privacy is myth nowadays’. After several incidents of privacy breaching of internet users in the past years, it really gets challenging to protect your privacy nowadays. In our previous post, I shared some tips to secure your Android device from hackers. And today, I’m back with similar tips that’ll help you to protect your privacy on your Android device. Hello guys, I’m back with a new post for you. In this post, I’ll share some Android apps that you can use daily to protect your privacy. I’ll share all the details of the apps, including its features and download links. So, if you want to know the best Android privacy apps in 2019, then read this post thoroughly.

Android Privacy Apps

Android Privacy Apps: Why We Need?

Android devices are trendy nowadays. Being an open-source operating system, Android is the first choice of many smartphone manufacturer brands. Thus, many peoples in the world use Android devices as their primary device in their daily life. Android is fast, smart and the best part is, you can find thousands of apps and games for your Android device for free. You can install different apps on your Android device to perform various tasks.

Many social media brands already have launched Android apps versions of their services. You can download the apps on your Android device and use their service anytime, anywhere. And when it comes to protecting your privacy on your Android device, many Android manufacturer brands failed to do so.

As we know, Google Play Store is the official Android market from where you can download the latest apps and games for your Android device. We consider the Google Play Store as the safest source to download apps for Android devices. But it is not the perfect one. Sometimes, even the Play Store fails to detect malware and vulnerable apps that can harm the privacy of the users. But, it’s getting intelligent day by day and integrating features every day.

So, how can you tell which app is safe for your privacy and which is a threat? Well, you can’t really tell by using an app on your Android device. But, I can help you to choose some best privacy apps for your Android device that will help you to protect your privacy.

I have prepared a list of the best Android privacy apps that you can install on your Android device and protect your privacy for free. Privacy is a vital thing in today’s online world. So, you should always install the apps that will help you protect your privacy from hackers.

You don’t want hackers to steal your information and harm your privacy. This is why everyone should keep these apps on their Android devices and use them daily to protect their privacy.

And the best part is most of these privacy apps are free. There will be our official download link from where You can download and start using them. You don’t need a rooted device to use these apps. You can use them on your non-rooted device too.

So, now let’s take a look at these apps. I’ve tried to give all the necessary information about these apps below and have described how these apps can help you to protect your privacy.

Best Android Privacy Apps

1. Glasswire: Data Usage Monitor App

Android privacy apps

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Glasswire is a widely popular Android app that helps you to monitor your data usage in real-time. You can monitor your Wi-fi data and Mobile data usage with the help of this app. It’ll show which apps are currently using the Internet on your Android device. If you find any suspicious app that is using the Internet without your permission, you can block it instantly with the help of Glasswire. Overall, Glasswire not only helps you to monitor real-time data usage on your Android device, but it also helps you to save mobile data on your Android device.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Glasswire Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Watch Real-time data graph of your Mobile Data and Wi-fi on your Android device.
  • Set the data limit on your device and get alert when you cross the data limit to avoid extra charges.
  • Monitor which app is using your data currently in real-time
  • Block any suspicious app from using your mobile data
  • See past data usage of the apps. You can watch the data usage of any Android app in recent days or months.
  • It has a notification bar feature that helps you to monitor your data usage and internet speed while using other apps on your Android device.


   Download Glasswire

2. Kyms: Secret App to Hide your Files

Android Privacy Apps

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Kyms is a paid calculator app for Android devices. Now, you are probably thinking why you need a paid calculator app when you get it for free with every Android device? Well, Kyms is more than a calculator app. It has a hidden file locking system that helps you to hide and lock your files on your Android device. When someone opens this app, it is a normal calculator app, but hidden vault stores your classified documents and files in it. Only you can access the locking section on Kyms. Overall, if you don’t want other peoples to know that you have installed a file locking app on your Android device, then Kyms is the perfect app for you.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Kyms Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Stylish Calculator app which will perform all the works of a calculator app
  • Hidden vault helps you to protect your files
  • Only you can access the hidden vault
  • Protect photos, videos, documents, and other files
  • Powerful locking system with the combination of pin and password
  • Encrypt and Decrypt in real-time


3. Applock: Lock your Apps and Files for Free

applock apk

[su_box title=”Kyms Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Applock is a free alternative to Kyms app. It is a top-rated Android privacy app that helps you to lock any Android app installed on your Android device. It also helps you to lock the files and media on your Android device. You can lock any Android app on your device and set a pin or passcode to unlock it. If you have some sensitive data that you don’t to give access to everyone, you can lock with Applock and protect the app. Overall, Applock is one of the best free Android apps that helps you to lock your apps and files on your Android device.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Applock Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Lock any Android app installed on your device, including the system apps like gallery, file manager, SMS, etc.
  • Hide media files from your gallery and make them accessible only from Applock dashboard
  • Invisible pattern lock to protect your privacy
  • It Prevents uninstalling the app itself from Settings
  • Protect notifications from displaying
  • Applock is a very Simple and Easy to use the app
  • Intruder Selfie feature helps to capture the picture of the person who tries to access the apps
  • Free app. You don’t have to spend a single penny to download the app and use it on your Android device


   Download Applock

4. Orbot: Tor for Android

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Orbot is the tor for Android devices. It is a privacy browser app that helps you to protect your privacy while browsing the internet on your Android device. If you are an advanced user, then Orbot is the perfect browser app for you. Orbot helps you to hide your real IP address by bouncing it through several network connections around the world. It is one of the best Android privacy apps that you can use on your Android device. One of the best features of Orbot is it doesn’t leave any footprints. It hides your real identity while browsing the web.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Orbot Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Official Tor Browser for Android
  • Browse the web safely and securely
  • Hide your real Ip address with this app
  • Orbot doesn’t store your history
  • Hide browser footprints
  • Orbot is Absolutely Free to download and use
  • Free Proxy browser to secure your privacy
  • Built for Advanced Android users
  • Inbuilt VPN feature helps you to open any app installed on your Android device with Tor. You can use it as a VPN and open any app to protect your privacy
  • It has Duckduckgo as the default search engine which doesn’t track your activities and doesn’t store any cookies on your Android device


   Download Orbot

5. Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Firefox Focus is a privacy browser for Android devices. It is a special browser made for Android devices by Mozilla. The main feature of this browser is, it blocks online trackers and doesn’t store any history or cookies on your Android device. If you want a secured privacy browser for your Android device which will help you to browse the web securely, then you can install the Firefox focus browser on your Android device to get a safe and secure browsing experience on your Android device. It also blocks annoying ads from any webpage and gives you a more user experience. Overall, Firefox Focus is a browser that can be used by both beginner and advanced users.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Firefox Focus Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Firefox Focus is a Very Fast and Lite web browser for Android devices
  • It is a Safe and Secure browser
  • Has powerful ad blocker which helps to block annoying ads while browsing your favorite websites
  • Doesn’t tracks your browsing activity and blocks several online trackers
  • Inbuilt pop-up blocker for a more smooth experience
  • Firefox Focus doesn’t store any cookies and browsing histories which makes it an Android privacy apps
  • Automatically erases all history and cookies when you open it


   Download Firefox Focus

6. Telegram: Instant Privacy Messaging App

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Telegram is a private messaging app for Android devices. It has all the modern Android messaging app features like instant messaging, send photos and videos, send files, do video calls, etc. Telegram uses end to end encryption to send messages. Which makes it one of the best Android messaging app for Android devices. If you want a perfect messaging app to connect with your friends and family, Telegram is the perfect choice for you. It is absolutely free to download and use. You can download telegram for free on your Android device and start using it.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Telegram Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Send unlimited messages and  do video calls for free with your friends and family
  • Send large media files including photos, videos, mp3 songs, etc
  •  Customize and change the main interface. You can download various themes for the app and apply it to make it more beautiful
  • Telegram has no ads in it. You’ll not get interrupted by annoying ads while messaging with your friends and family
  • It has a group chat feature which you can use to chat with many contacts at the same time
  • Telegram uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secures key exchange. So, it’s very secure and safe to use


   Download Telegram

7. Bouncer: Android Privacy Apps to Control App Permissions

Android Privacy Apps

[su_box title=”About the App” box_color=”#3430ff”]

Every Android app needs some permissions on your Android device to perform different works. But sometimes many Android apps grant suspicious permissions without your notice. To solve this problem, there’s an app called Bouncer. The bouncer app helps you to grant permissions temporarily. Suppose an Android app needs your camera permissions to work. You can allow the app to access your camera for a few minutes and after that, you can block the permission. That means, now the app has no access to your camera, and your privacy is secured. That’s why Bouncer is one of the best Android privacy apps that you can install on your Android device. Bouncer is a paid app. So, you’ve to buy the app to use it on your Android device. But it’s worth the penny.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Bouncer Features” box_color=”#3430ff”]

  • Allow app permissions temporarily
  • Secure your privacy
  • Block any permission
  • Works without root permission


Final Words

So, guys, I hope you have found this post helpful. If you liked this post, you can share it with your friends and family on social media platforms by clicking the share buttons below. If you have any opinion on this article or if I have missed any Android app that should be on the list of best Android privacy apps, then you can comment down in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. Visit the homepage of Androclue to get more apps like this.

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