What to Consider When You Buy a Battery for Inverter

Buy a Battery for Inverter

Do you feel that there are so many power cuts in your area? Do you get troubled because of everyday power cuts and the steamy hot weather? Well, then you must think of investing in an inverter. But what do you think about the batteries for your inverter? You should check out a proper battery because, without a good battery, an inverter is not really effective and productive. In this blog, you will learn what to consider when you buy a battery for inverter.

If you are wondering that you do not have any idea about batteries for inverter, then relax. This post would get you a good understanding of everything you should know related to these batteries.

What is the power requirement in your place?

The main thing you should understand before you even choose to buy an inverter battery for your home is your power requirement. There are two crucial factors deciding your power backup requirement, on the basis of these you should decide what really the capacity of the battery is apt for your need.

  • Check the duration of continuous power backup.  It means find out on an average, how long there is no power at your home or even that of office. Is it an hour, some hours or simply ten to fifteen minutes?
  • Check out the load that you wish to run at the time of power cut that could be just three fans & four lights OR seven fans, 5 lights, a computer, television, and a fridge. Come on, you must know about these things previous to your purchase.

Remember that keeping these things in mind, you can decide the ampere-hour (which means Ah) overall rating of the inverter battery for your specific purchase. Please keep in mind that inverter battery’s volume differs with the above discussed 2 aspects, the load as well as that of the duration of power backup. The more is the load as well as the duration of power backup, higher is going to be the capacity of the battery.

Life Cycle of the inverter Battery

Another crucial factor to consider when buying an inverter battery is the lifecycle of the battery. It means the number of charge or that of discharges cycles a battery undergoes in its lifetime. Remember that it is something that determined by how much of the battery’s capacity gets used over time.

Check Warranty Period and Installation

Then another crucial thing to look into is an inverter battery’s warranty time. Batteries generally come with a warranty of two to that of three years. You should also consider the space that may be required for the inverter as well as battery to be installed. Of course, you would not want that you buy a battery for your inverter at home, and you end up finding it out of order in a week. 


To sum up, once you keep all these important things in mind, you can be confident about your inverter battery purchase. After all, having a good inverter for your house is not enough if the batteries you are using are not really good and effective.



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