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How Does Future Mobile Technology Look Like?

We have all played Pokémon Go. It was an interesting game. But have any of you noticed the technology used in the Pokémon Go. It was the augmented reality that made the technology possible to connect the virtual reality with the reality we are living in. In this blog, you will know how does future mobile technology look like.

Without our knowledge, smartphones are changing at an accelerated rate. With the integration of these technologies, we have forced ourselves to changes our perception of smartphones.

Earlier, we only knew that mobile phones were only to connect with the people who are far away from you. But only within a decade, the whole conception of the smartphone has changed.

This has made people like us perceive more as to what more can we see in smartphone technology. And the reason for writing this piece of content is the same.

In this article, we will discuss the future mobile technological possibilities of the smartphone.

  • Mind control

Back in the days, we had to use keypads to input information on mobile devices. Then the technologies changes and touchscreen came into the frame. And today, we all use our voices to interact with our devices. This shows how rapidly the smartphone technology is changing.

This accelerated progress made us believe that the time is not far away when we will able to command our phone with our mind control alone. This technology might be supported with a sensor chip that will receive your brain waves directly and transfer them to the smartphone in the form of data or command.

If such technology ever come to existence, then making calls, typing messages, and editing images will just be one thought process away.

  • Over the air changing

Let’s accept the fact that the battery of today’s smartphone sucks. No matter what smartphone you are using, it will barely work for the full day. Even if you are using the latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy M21 with 6000mAH battery backup, you will be able to use it for only 2 days with average use.

Once the juice of the phones dries out, you have to put it on wire or wireless charging. But what if you don’t need any mode of connection for the charging? Yes, it’s not a joke. There is a company called Energous that is working on a technology to build over the air charging medium.

They are experimenting to build a transmitter that will charge your smartphone anywhere in 3 feet radius.

  • E-ink

We all use an OLED based display system for smartphones. OLED is best to view images and play games. But it exerts a load on your eyes. But what if E-inks can be used parallel to the OLED.

Engineers are trying their best to integrate the E-inks in the OLED screen to decrease the damages caused by the OLED.

This technology is still in the experimental phase and is yet to hit the market. Apple was the first company that came up with this idea and also applied for a patent in 2011. But as we know that they have not come up with a solution to combine OLED and E-ink.

  • Blockchain

The recent trend in technology is the blockchain technology. It has only been over a decade, but this technology has already taken over most of the major fields of the market. Technology is not an exception.

People are using the blockchain technology to create secure databases. Hence, it is possible that mobile technology can also use the public ledger network to bring every smartphone under one network for security purposes.

You might even see apps that work on blockchain technology. If this makes you more interested you can trade using automated trading apps Like the wealth matrix App


All the technological possibilities mentioned above are yet to hit the market. We have just made a prediction on what future mobile technology we might see soon. We hope that we were able to give something worth your time.

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