Sergey Portnov’s vision about Parimatch

Sergey Portnov’s vision

Sergey Portnov is the mastermind behind the Parimatch phenomenon. Perhaps the Parimatch name might be quite famous for those who use an online bookmaker, regardless if they use Parimatch or any other name in this industry. There are several factors that make Parimatch a unique platform among this extremely crowded market. Here we will talk about Sergey Portnov Parimatch and what are the great things that this platform is doing. This blog will tell you everything regarding Sergey Portnov’s vision about Parimatch.

As it was already introduced, Parimatch is not simply another bookmaker in this industry. To get a better vision about what this platform is doing, it is a good idea to mention the main aspects where it is involved. Let’s summarize them:

  • Parimatch offers a fantastic bookmaker with incredible odds of winning and massive betting opportunities;
  • there is also a fantastic online casino, with some of the best games in the market;
  • but, the portal is also actively involved in the IT industry!

The last aspect is what sets Parimatch apart from its direct competitors. Most bookmakers are simply just that: platforms where people go and place wagers of all kinds. However, Parimatch has decided to go one step further, by actively participating in a wide variety of sports.

How does Parimatch participate in different disciplines

In order to know how Parimatch is taking part in different disciplines, it is important to know about the company’s origins. Sergey Portnov’s vision about Parimatch-

This platform was founded back in 1994 by Sergey Portnov and his partners. At first, it started as a betting office with lots of physical locations. However, Portnov’s vision allowed him to think outside the box, and see the huge potential that could be realized by combining his brand new company with new and emerging technologies.

This interaction with technology is what keeps Parimatch at the forefront of the most recent developments. Portnov and his creative and highly talented team know how to identify and develop new technologies that can not only benefit the Parimatch company, but also, that can significantly improve the experience that users have by using it.

It has been precisely this position at the forefront that has allowed Parimatch to quickly expand and thrive in different countries. Currently the company is present in many places around central Asia and Africa, with serious plans of expanding even further. The company has invested massively in improving its user’s experience, but also in actually helping sports teams and athletes to improve their performances.

Currently it is possible to see the Parimatch name in many places. Besides finding it on the Internet, it is possible to see that this company has become an extremely important partner of several sports entities across the world. They include athletes, sportspeople, teams and even leagues or competition. This presence has significantly improved the appeal and competitiveness of those entities, and none of this would have been possible with the unique vision that Sergey Portnov started with back in 1994.



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