Why Android Poker Apps are the Better Choice

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More and more poker websites are developing Android apps, and there’s plenty of reasons for it. Online poker has become one of the most sought out forms of entertainment that brings players real money and compared to the desktop forms of the gambling sites, there are also many advantages of having an Android counterpart.

You can play on the go: Playing poker has never been easier with the advent of Android apps. All you will need is an internet connection and hopefully enough battery on your phone to be able to participate in poker games when you’re on the go. You won’t have to wait to be able to get home and log in to your favourite poker website – everything you need will be in your pocket.

Saves time: Playing online poker for many is a side hobby that brings them considerable profit. Having a job that keeps you busy and indulging in this hobby can often cost you time, but with the ease of Android apps you can play whenever you want. This means that you’re using the poker apps on your commute rather than taking out actual time in your work hours. It is also a great way to relax, so you can sit back and play a few rounds when you have some minutes to spare.

Apps are a great way to practice: One of the benefits of using poker apps is that you can brush up on your techniques and practice whenever you feel like it. Apps offer a great way to improve your skills. Pressure is not something you will worry about when playing on your phone, which is often not the case while playing live with others. You are less prone to making mistakes and there’s a higher chance of taking more risks, which of course also increases your chances of profiting.

Better design: Android apps generally have regular patch releases to update their software so the odds of experiencing bugs/glitches are incredibly low. These apps are also designed to fit in the palm of your hands with an optimized user interface. This means all the features and everything else you need is usually compact and easy to find so you can get where you need to be within a few clicks, without having to search across a large website.

If you’re looking to play mobile poker, a great place to start is at OnlinePokerAmerica.com who provide a list of poker platforms you can use that are available for download on Android devices. Here is a list of five of the best mobile poker platforms which you will be able to reap all the benefits that the apps have to offer.

BetOnline: This has one of the best bonus features available to American players in the online gambling industry. It matches the sign-in bonus of the user to 100% for up to a $1000, meaning you can start profiting the minute you make an account. It has been voted several times as the best poker app for US citizens. Apart from a wide variety of options for monetary transactions, this site also accepts bitcoins, which is an instantaneous process for both deposits and withdrawals.

Bovada Online: Although its sign-in bonus is not as high as its counterparts, Bovada is known to be one of the best. Thanks to the virtual infrastructure which makes the possibilities limitless, this app boasts tons of different kinds of games available to play. This allows the site to be accessible to all kinds of players, for both amateurs or veterans. The payouts are known to be very quick, and there are several secure methods present for deposits and withdrawals. Unlike other apps in which tournaments are few and far between, Bovada guarantees large weekly tournaments where your chances of profiting are greatly increased.

Intertops Poker: This site does not have as large a network of players as Bovada does, but it stands out in its long-standing reputation. Apart from its generous welcome offer, Intertops Poker also has plenty of loyalty rewards. If you are a player who is keen on continuing on this app, you will get more reasons to keep coming back. It’s also important to choose an Android app which works well and one that will not add any malware to your phone. This is one of the apps which is certified to provide secure downloads and begin instantaneous play.

America’s Cardroom: As the name suggests, this app is designed especially for players in America. It also has an excellent sign-in bonus, but it distinguishes itself from others on the market by providing great user interface. With its comprehensive table customization, users will have no confusion on how to go on about playing. Besides its numerous ways of making transactions, America’s Cardroom accepts many forms of cryptocurrencies, and not just Bitcoin.

Ignition Poker: This seems to be the highest traffic US poker room. The only downside of this app is that while the others all have immediate customer service, this one is yet to launch a live chat option where players can reach out for help the moment something goes wrong. Aside from that, the app supports some of the quickest payouts available to US citizens. It has turned out to be one of America’s largest poker rooms only in terms of pure traffic, which is definitely a considerable feat. The solid player base has allowed them to introduce hundreds of viable options when it comes to playing online poker.



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